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have come from other means. >>> faa is banning all aircraft except for other equipment in two miles where the two explosions happened yesterday. the no fly zone reaches up to 3,000 feet and the restrictions do not affect flights in logan airport, no word on when the ban will be lifted. and into the ocean he is now describing what he felt. it dragged down the plane and he tried to regain control instead the plane belly flopped under the water and all passengers survived that crash. >>> sometime soon, billions of creepy crawlly things will be swarming the east coast. that is what they sound like if you have not heard of them, cicadas. every year billions emerge from underground to meat. starting from this area to north korea they make a screeching sound by rubbing on their abdomen in hopes of attracting a female. they sound like loud electric transformers. i have been to the midwest. >> time now 4:55, -- >> say that again, billions of them. >> it sounds like a horror flick doesn't it? >> yes. good morning everybody. we will start in the east and we don't have a lot going on. we hope i
with the lithium ion batteries. now the head of the airline says it expects faa approval to put dream liners back in service. united airlines have put 787 back on the flight schedule for june. no dream liners can fly until the faa approves the system. >> time now 7:54. within the next month a bicycle beromiter will be installed on market street. all to encourage more people to ride their bikes. installed on the south side of market street between 9th and 10th street. it's going to be 7.5 feet tall. it will be able to show you the number of bicycles that go by. >> i can't ride to work unfortunately. >> a little early. >> 2:30 in the morning. but i do ride my bike when i can. a little beach cruiser . >> i know you do. this morning we have a bunch of slow traffic. i want to mention 5:80 is still a mess. you are wondering why. we had an earlier truck accident. news chopper 2 did take these pictures. it has since been towed away. the two left lanes were the only three open. the traffic is a huge mess coming out of the pass for miles and miles heading west. you can see some of these pictures. unfortuna
officials on that. back to you. >>> well, the faa is also banning all planes and helicopters except for emergency equipment from flying offer the area where the two explosions happened yesterday in boston. that no-fly zone reaches up to 3,000 feet high. it extends about two miles in every direction on the ground. the restrictions, however, do not affect flights in and out of boston's logan air. now, stay with us again on "mornings on 2" for the very late et on the bombings and the investigation in boston. we'll be tracking. very latest developments on the fbi investigation coming up in a live report from boston in our next hour. >>> 7:37. tragedy hit a san jose family overnight. a 7-year-old girl was killed in a house fire. ktvu's janine de la vega is at the house now and just talked to the little girl's grandmother. janine? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. a person who lives around the corner came up to talk to the grandmother who says she's a very strong woman. she wanted to leave flowers at the door. the family is feeling numb. they can't believe their little girl is gone. firefi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3